Latest Openings:

Design and Production Assistant

Reports to: Design Director
Employment status: Full Time

Primary purpose of the position:

Working alongside the design director, you are responsible for assisting the development and co-ordination of the seasonal sample collections and special projects from design stage through to end production and delivery as well assisting with the development and implementation of the marketing strategy. You will liaise with off shore manufacturers and the creative director to ensure that collections are developed as intended, you will assist with sourcing fabrics and trims and will be an integral part of the design team. You will assist with co-ordination and implementation of the marketing strategy across PR, social media and content production.

Your direct report will be the design director. You will work directly with the design director, and at times with the merchandising team based in China.

Your key responsibilities are but not limited to:

  • Attend fittings, update measurements specs and communicate changes to the suppliers and throughout the development cycle through to bulk production
  • Work with the design director to ensure that collections are completed by the required deadline so that sufficient time is allowed for sales and manufacturing.
  • Responsible for completing garments cads, design specs and tech packs (must be illustrator proficient).
  • Responsible for the day-to-day communication with the manufacturers with regards to sourcing and approvals throughout the development cycle and through to bulk production.
  • Ensuring that up to date information is kept regarding approvals and changes made to garments, strike offs and lab dips and archive all relevant information relating to seasonal collections.
  • Maintain shared information folders and files.
  • Assist sales by managing special projects and SMU styles for key retailers.
  • Evaluate and implement strategies to maximize efficiencies within the design team.
  • Arrange delivery of seasonal sample collections in a smooth and efficient manner and in time for sales release.
  • Assist the creative director in structuring their workload in delivering collections on time and within the critical dates set by management.
  • Communicate progress to management as required.
  • Assist the creative director with SWOT analysis for each collection.

Catalogue Management

An additional responsibility of your role is to ensure the accurate execution and coordination of catalogue requirements, core responsibilities of this:

  • Coordinate the development of catalogues
  • Ensure the catalogue layout is accurate and presented in a timely manner
  • Liaise with all relevant parties as required, and where possible, ahead of timeline to ensure timely delivery

Marketing and social media

An additional responsibility of your role is to assist the senior designer in the development and implementation of the marketing strategy, core responsibilities of this:

  • Assisting the design director in producing content & photoshoots
  • Assisting the design director on shoot on the days

Key Skills required for this role:

  • 2- 3 years experience in a similar role.
  • Strong understanding of off-shore manufacturing
  • Garment construction knowledge
  • The ability to support and uphold key dates set in the critical paths.
  • Impeccable communication skills both written and oral
  • Highly organized.
  • Excellent computer skills (skilled in Illustrator and in-design program)
  • Attention to detail.
  • Can work independently and as a team member

Key Challenges

  • Limited time frames and its implications to your day to day management of your responsibilities.
  • Ability to uphold critical path.

Key Relationships

  • Internal: Design Director and Directors
  • External: Vendors and Distributors, Influencers and Photoshoot Contractors