QI / 气 / 氣

A vital force forming part of any living entity.

Welcome to QI Collective, an art and design collective on a mission to support artists & change makers. Our company is founded on the values of diverse individuality, sustainability & innovation. 

We are a global collective of one heart and many hands, designers, artists, technicians, makers & creators —
 connecting the artisan spirit to strong individuals who express themselves through innovative products & experiences.

Our collective has spent many years developing their ideas and knowledge working on perfecting their craft in the East & West. The result is a personal collection of self expression with a global cultural perspective.

Every member of our collective works with the aim to break down cultural barriers and connect their artisan energy to create products and experiences for individuals. 

QI, a word rooted deeply in Eastern culture translates to air, material energy, life force or energy flow

Taking inspiration from this concept QI Collective is composed of a network of creative hubs in Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. An energy flow connecting innovative artists & the worlds of East and West by sharing culture through art, design, technology and innovation.