Mile High Club

Mile High Club

A collection born in the age of covid, designer Kimberley Gordon was inspired to create a collection around the fantasy of travel.

"I was flying before covid and I remember with such distinction watching the blue skies from that familiar thick plastic oval window, relishing that we were speeding through the blue at 38,000 feet. Looking out I wished I could climb into that peaceful scene and lay inside those fluffy white clouds. Ah, to become part of that sky, a luxurious and impossible dream. Maybe not so impossible, maybe a dress instead?

There is something so unique and romantic about flying somewhere exciting. Surrounded by strangers sleeping, unfamiliar faces working, watching their mini screens and pulling sweaters out of overhead compartments. The beverage cart packed full with bottles clinking as it slowly makes its way towards your row, flight attendents lean over each other and pop open soda cans. Tray table down, plastic cups filled with ice, new novels shoved in your seat pocket, and the roar of the jets so enormous that the sound becomes inaudibly heavy, lulling everyone to sleep. It's funny the simple things you begin to miss when you're faced with such a separation as Covid. I wax nostalgic about where I might go when this is over.

When I was a girl growing up in the UK, my Granny owned a small restaurant, "La Belle Etoile" nestled in the South of France. One summer we stayed there, in a room above the kitchen. In the mornings we would put on folded socks and strappy sandals, we'd chase the chickens around the back yard. In the afternoon we walked to the public pool, hot in the sun down a long dirt road, and after a few hours cannon balling, we came home smelling of chlorine. French sodas at the bar, feeling so grown up with our tall glasses of milky pink drinks, we joined the adults and ate dinner outside on plastic patio furniture as the sun set and the hot air became tolerably warm. These memories sustain me.

I hope this mini collection inspires that nostalgia in you, and reminds you of the simple pleasures you've had in your life, they will come again. "