Sunscreen Dream

Sunscreen Dream

Inspired by a fantasy trip to Miami this collection takes us on a dreamy journey of discovery and nostalgia. Words by Kimberley Gordon.

"The dream begins when the baggage is collected, car rented, and the windows rolled down. You zip through an unfamiliar beach town, scenery passing like the opening montage of a romantic film. Pulling into a tropical tree lined drive, a valet opens your door and the thick air hits you like a padded wall.

With one "Welcome!" your brain flashes forward to the future, already missing this place. Exchange of credit cards and ID's for keys, elevator up, up, up to a long, air conditioned hallway, then the beep-snap-crunch click of the hotel door as it unlocks and reveals the bed, it's crisp white sheets folded over a firm mattress where pillows face sliding glass doors and curtains drawn to a skyline deck.

Outside the turquoise stretch of water sparkles under cloudless blue skies and you step out, barefoot on warm marble. You can hear the sound of music from the pool echoing from 5 storeys below. Inside the room, a small fridge, ice cold and filled with overpriced goodies (you know you'll probably eat late night) and a louver closet door with a light that pops on when you open it.

Fresh hangers in a line beg for clothes, so you drape your favorites, still fresh, and lay pajamas and lounge clothes in drawers. Then, after slipping into a new swimsuit, you slather on sunscreen and try a new outfit. Done. You head to the beach where the sand is so hot that you keep your flip flops on until you reach the cabana booth. They set you up under a pink umbrella, where they bring a crisp, white towel and a menu. You order some fresh pineapple and a blended, tropical drink, then peel off layers, lay back and pull that cheesy book you bought at the airport from your beach bag.

The sound of kids playing and waves lapping the sand, the smell of salt lingering and sweet pineapple on your lips is enough to wipe away any recollection of life before this moment, and you sip the frosty drink from a striped, paper straw, savoring each second. The heat makes you sweat and it's time for a break, so a walk to the shore and a dip into the warm, clear ocean. You take a breath and duck under a wave. The silence below the surface makes you feel... nostalgic? A memory of this! Perhaps from another lifetime where you lived in these waters.

Shade begins to stretch out as the day slips away, and you head back to the room to change and explore the city. Sunset from the balcony, key cards in your bag, and a warm night waiting for you to explore. You gaze out and dream of the days ahead, slightly buzzed, pink drinks, darkened skin, salty hair and sunscreen on the sheets."