A collection inspired by childhood memories, words by Kimberley Gordon.

"Growing up, our family friends lived on a farm in Cornwall UK. It was a beautiful, old stone home surrounded by grass land, it smelled of warm wood and linen curtains. We went there on Easters, my 3 siblings and I setting up beds on the floors of their 4 kids bedrooms, some teens and some just children. I always looked up to one of them, Camilla, and hoped I'd grow to be just like her. I can still picture her at the top of the stair landing, bouncing curls, smiling at me.

On Easter we'd wake up early, as if it were Christmas, anticipating the giant egg hunts in the garden. There'd be small chocolate eggs everywhere that we'd pluck to fill our bags, and hidden deep in the bushes we'd find the big ones, a tradition in England, stuffed full with more sweets and treats. We'd paint eggs and do egg roll races, and after dinner, as the sweet Spring air became a night sky filled with stars, we'd gather in the living room to play a giant game of Pictionary, adults pouring wine while we pleaded to stay up just one more hour. Those were the nights they abided. We weren't raised with any kind of religion, but Easter was one of the most exciting holidays in our family.

My mother told us the folk tales behind Spring equinox, and the magic of eggs, rabbits and moons. My childhood was filled with an obsession of folklore- fairies, goblins, mermaids, selkies, and of course a big part of that was the magical celebration of Equinox.

I wanted a collection that sung of Spring, dresses you might wear on a warm day in the countryside, weathered sandals flip flopping as you tote your grocery bags full of fresh vegetables and flowers, making your way down a long gravel driveway, laughing with friends at a picnic table munching snacks and spending the day staining hollowed out eggs in pastel colours."