Atomic Bubble

Atomic Bubble

Designer Kimberley Gordon chose to channel the end of the 1960's for this collection -

"leaving the atomic age behind, I draw some parallels to our time. History repeating itself has always captivated me and can be the perfect outlet to channel design energy. Since we've been dealing with the anxiety of 2020 I felt desperate for an escape, perhaps pretending to isolate in another era could do the trick, even if just to head to the grocery store.

What would that entail? Of course pastel perfect princess dresses, hot rollers, home manicures, crazy amounts of baking, cooking, cleaning, and elbow gloves make the perfect accessory for a shortage in hand sanitizer. Stuck at home with big fuzzy slippers, a game of dominoes, watching reruns of family game shows or Valley of the Dolls on repeat. Cocktails in hand, fully sequined babydolls glistening against your knife and fork as you eat microwaved TV dinners month after month.

New year confetti popping off in the living room, hippy dippy daisy mouth masks draped on coffee tables, and rock hard hair sprayed pompadours to sleep, rinse and repeat without ruining.

Scrubbing the kitchen in full glam, then vacuuming once more in your finest tutu and socks, happy hour in the basement tiki bar, a game of poker, ice cream sundaes for breakfast, and maybe a dance party for two, just you and your bubble rolling across retro carpets and listening to records. Saying goodbye to 2020 and making the most of this strange New Year's Eve."