Voyage, Auteur's AAFW Debut

Voyage, Auteur's AAFW Debut

“At Auteur our design journey is always one of nostalgia…In these uncertain times rather than looking forward we are on a voyage looking back.”

Inspired by the desire to re-emerge from the year past, Auteur presents Resort 22 - Voyage -  a streamlined collection made for days through to nights on the disco floor.

At Auteur, the design journey is always one of nostalgia. In uncertain times such as the present, rather than looking forward, the brand takes a voyage to yesteryear. 

Inspired by eras past, reminiscing on styling notes of the 60s and 70s, the Auteur resort collection fuses vintage inspiration with a modern woman who seeks for her clothes to make her feel optimistic. The overall feeling for the Voyage collection is about celebrating life 

For this collection and moving forward, Auteur are strongly focused on sustainability and making as many informed choices as possible - particularly focusing on fabrications such as blue sign silk. 

Strongly inspired by feelings of joy and a sense of gratitude, Auteur seeks to create clothes that make women feel confident and beautiful.

With a desire for connection post a shut down world, Lucinda says, “If in even a small way my clothes can make women feel confident and sexy, I feel like we have achieved something important. We are also taking as many steps as possible to implement sustainable practices - especially in our use of certified fabrications and recycled packaging. This is something extremely important to Auteur and a process we feel strongly about implementing throughout all our channels. Each season we are focused on making better choices.”