Emily Faulstich

Emily Faulstich

Emily Faulstich is an artist, creative director, fashion designer & photographer. Native to Santa Barbara USA Emily studied at the University of Southern California majoring in Fine Art and has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years. 

In her early 20's she co-founded a loungewear brand Wildfox with Kimberley Gordon and left in 2007 making the move from Los Angeles USA to Cape Town South Africa.

"While in Cape Town I couldn’t find anything simple to wear, something without trims or unnecessary layers & flattering shape, so I started going to fabric houses and buying rolls of silk. I hired two pattern makers and a seamstress and worked with them to make simple and feminine dresses to wear every day, any time. It was so fun, and my friends were also looking for the same type of thing. Those pieces evolved into Maison Amory.

My inspiration comes from my love of French history, especially royalty and Versailles. I want to mix regal dressing with function and encourage girls to dress up for no occasion, and pretend they are anything they wish to be"